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Allergy Therapy

Blood Testing and Allergy TherapyThere are many types of allergy therapy involving treatment by your GP or the purchase of over the counter drugs at chemists such as anti-histamines or nasal sprays. These are often ineffective or lead to side effects such as tiredness, desensitivity of the mucus membranes or nose bleeds. The alternative which is much more practical is to find out what is causing the allergy which can then lead to successful avoidance of the allergen. If this isn't possible then oral desensitisation therapy can be used.
Most types of treatment  are ineffective so lets start with the most common ones you are likely to have come across and then continue with how Charles treats allergies.

Orthodox treatment by your GP

Most GP's are very poorly trained in allergies and indeed, many hospital doctors. The British Medical Association in 2012 stated that with so many people having allergies, doctors do not have the training or experience to deal with allergies and many didn't even recognise it. They stated that doctors needed far better training in the diagnosis and treating of allergies along with the many health issues that arise from them.

They also mentioned that the only truly effective diagnosis method was via blood testing and that other forms of diagnosis were not accurate. Your doctor may offer you the usual grid testing or skin prick test which are (a) not very accurate (b) only test a very limited range of substances and (c) are invasive and very uncomfortable especially for children.

These only measure skin reaction and a IGE reaction, i.e. mast cell reaction which is often negative but many allergies have nothing to do with IGE mediated reactions. If you prove positive at your GP or NHS clinic you will sometimes be offered desensitisation therapy (by injections) particularly for Rhinitis, also know as hay fever. Unfortunately these don't always work and if they do you will be required to continue having the injections annually or they will cease to work.

Vega Testing

This is the kind of testing that is commonly offered in Health Food shops and some times in complementary shops. There is no scientific evidence that this works and it is notoriously inaccurate. In fact many people have been diagnosed with multiple allergies when they have no such thing.

As a result, this can lead to nutritional deficiencies and even malnutrition due to people being told to give up so many foods. Where as Charles as a Medical Herbalist and Nutritionist has an understanding of the composition of foods, and will therefore always give good advice on nutritional content along with providing food alternatives so you don't end up with nutritional deficiencies.


The Correct Way

Charles diagnoses allergies mainly by blood tests. The types of allergies are many and complex, therefore we use the two most experienced and specialist laboratories in the UK for this. There are many different tests available so the first thing Charles will need to do, is to establish if the patient has a true allergy or a food intolerance as both can have many and varied symptoms.

Secondly we will need to establish whether it is an IGE or IGG allergy as these are both different in their reaction times and type of allergy. Thirdly it is possible that many allergies/intolerances are neither of the above and may be what is called non IGE mediated reactions. When we have established this we can then recommend the correct type of blood tests for you, thereby saving you both time and money.

Once the results have returned from the laboratory we can offer you the best type of avoidance strategy without compromising your health by deficiencies. Charles also offers another treatment strategy called homoeopathic desensitisation which is particularly important for hay fever symptoms, which for example if started in the previous winter will normally result in the patient being clear of symptoms by the following summer.

This type of treatment is particularly suitable for babies and children being safe and gentle, as opposed to blood tests being unsuitable for younger children due to their limited exposure to many types of foods or chemicals. This treatment can also be used to diagnose chemical sensitivities to which many people are exposed to in our modern world without even realising what the problem is. Also Parasites can be treated as well as bacteria and viruses.

Food intolerance symptoms can be very varied, catarrh, digestive and stomach trouble, backache, swollen glands, depression, anxiety attacks and phobias, palpitations, irritability, headaches, mouth ulcers, aching joints and muscles and childhood hyperactivity are all possible, as well as more serious conditions.

The diagnostic method is simple and without discomfort, muscle testing is used as a simple non-invasive technique. It is completely safe to use, the results are immediate and it is painless so can be used to treat the elderly, arthritics, young children and babies.

While avoidance is the best course of action after blood testing, this is not very practical when the offending allergy happens to be pollen, car diesel fumes, house dust mites or formaldehyde which is present in many house hold items. For these cases we use desensitisation treatment, the remedies used are totally unrelated and dissimilar to the desensitisation injections which are usually given for hay fever in hospital clinics.

The treatment is give by mouth and is totally free from side effects, involves no restrictive diets and is very acceptable to patients. Oral desensitisation or neutralisation. is not to be confused with desensitisation by injection. It works by gently stimulating the body to develop a natural immunity to the substances that have affected it in the past.

This means that the body begins to repair the damage that has been done previously. It's is done by taking extreme dilute preparations of the allergen, which then encourages the way the body deals with these substances to revert to normal. This means that not only Asthma, Hay Fever and Eczema can be treated, but also many other conditions caused by food intolerances and chemical sensitivity.

These can include Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS), Candidiasis, Chronic Sinusitis, Recurring Cystitis, Muscle and Joint pain, Extreme Tiredness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Restless Legs, Sore Dry Eyes and other unusual conditions that do not respond to drug related medicine.

Allergy and toxicity testing can help with conditions such as:

Allergy and toxicity testing

  • Chemical Sensitivity
  • Food Intolerances
  • Pollen and Dust Mites
  • Parasites
  • Mercury Toxicity
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Bacteria
  • Candida
  • Viruses
  • Fungus and Fungal Conditions

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